Natalie Bookchin
*1962 in the USA

A joyful, imagined space of colours, signs, megaphones, gestures and bodies moving together. The act of changing something’s position reanimates an archive of hundreds of videos – an archive of uprisings circulated on the internet. The slow-moving, looped projection depicts movement in one place as a performance of staying put. It shows movement as a performance of standing ground and occupying space, even when in our current reality, the state calls for dispersal and disappearance. Demonstrators protest and participate, again and again, in Black American-led resistance. Resistance in the face of systemic violence against Black Americans. The act of changing something’s position is being shown exclusively during the opening of the triennial in Bad Rothenfelde, where it will debut.

Natalie Bookchin participated in the group exhibition entitled WebRetro at the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea in 2019, among other things, and in the Globale: Infosphere group exhibition, showcased at the ZKM Karlsruhe in 2015. For more information on Natalie Bookchin, visit https://bookchin.net.

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