lichtsicht 7 – RESTARTED!

We are glad and grateful to be able to announce the RESTART of the lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale at the spa town of Bad Rothenfelde this Friday, 22 October.

What will happen

From 20:00, the projectors will be switched on and the countdown begins. A virtual blue stage curtain stretching the entire length of the graduation tower heralds the event to the sound of burlesque music. Being a projection art event, the welcoming and opening speeches will also be transmitted digitally to the projection surface on the north side of the New Graduation Tower.

The virtual blue curtain opens at 20:30, and the Mayor Klaus Rehkämper will digitally welcome the audience to the restart of lichtsicht 7. In a captivating 4:40-minute filmic review, the history of lichtsicht, from its launch in 2007 to the present day, will pass before our eyes in a fast-paced collage of texts and images, created and edited by Christian Meyer. This reunion, accompanied by the magnificent sounds of Chevaliers de Sangreal, the original motion picture soundtrack from the film The Da Vinci Code, composed by Hans Zimmer, solo violin Rusanda Panfili, is bound to trigger strong emotions, and not only among lichtsicht fans.


Then District Administrator Anna Kebschull and curator Professor Michael Bielicky will say a few words, before the Mayor Klaus Rehkämper starts counting down from ten at 21:00. The audience is warmly invited to join in the countdown. The restart of lichtsicht 7 then gets underway, and all videos will start at once. We hope that the event will run throughout the scheduled period until 20 February 2022 this time, on a daily basis after dark, without any pandemic-related interruptions.


The makers of lichtsicht 7 also have a word to say:


Klaus Rehkämper

“Acting as mayor, spa director and, above all, in my capacity as Managing Director of lichtsicht gemeinnützigen Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH, I am not only proud and delighted, but also relieved, to be able to present to the public, with the restart of lichtsicht 7, yet another world-class artistic highlight here in Bad Rothenfelde. I wish to thank all those who fought to keep lichtsicht alive!”


Michael Bielicky, Curator

lichtsicht 7, featuring its unusual format – the monumental dimensions of the graduation towers and the radical projection surface, offers visitors a wide range of innovative works, produced by creators belonging to the world elite of artists in their genre.”


Tim Roßberg, Project Leader

lichtsicht 7 is a response to the vague longing and desire for contemplation, confusion, humour and, in particular, sensuousness. The pandemic represents a global turning point, narrowing our view to the regional dimension and our immediate personal world. Monothematic reporting, limited contacts and a lack of face-to-face encounters all take their toll. The lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale reflects these revolutionary transformation processes, and offers opportunities for broadening our horizons.

The works offer windows into other dimensions, whether digital, political, scientific, religious, aesthetic or utopian. The artists set all kinds of different tones with their artistic contributions, proving that art, now more than ever before, serves as a seismograph of the present. At a time of great upheaval, uncertainty and reorientation, lichtsicht 7 seeks to express the dynamism and complexity of our times, rather than follow a clear line.”


Christian Meyer, Technical Director

“I am currently in the process of installing the last four of the 38 state-of-the-art laser phosphor projectors. All of the projectors must be kept in our custom-designed climate boxes to ensure that the winter weather and the salty air of the saline spa cannot harm the equipment. The quality of the “longest projection surface in the world”, measuring almost one kilometre, almost rivals that of a cinema.”


lichtsicht 7 material


The website

The lichtsicht website has been completely redesigned. An absolute novelty: as of this week, users can also see moving images, i.e. videos, showing sections of all the works under the name of the particular artist. By clicking on START, you get to see a trailer that provides a general impression of the graduation towers and the unique selling point of the artistic projections on the blackthorn walls, covering a total length of one kilometre.


Here is the link to the playlist on YouTube:



Photo download

Photos by the photographer @Angela von Brill (please always give photo credit when printing) are available for download on the website at

MEDIA https://www.lichtsicht-triennale.de/medien.html

The ARCHIVE also contains image documentation of all works from previous lichtsicht biennials.


The catalogue

The lichtsicht 7 catalogue is still in progress. The layout is to be revised again by the Mayfeld agency to ensure that the spectacular images are well remembered and documented permanently in an appealing, young look. As soon as it has been completed, it will be posted online on the website as a flip page copy, available for purchase or download by visitors or anyone else interested in the catalogue.

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