Press Releases

We are glad and grateful to be able to announce the RESTART of the lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale at the spa town of Bad Rothenfelde this Friday, 22 October.

What will happen

From 20:00, the projectors will be switched on and the countdown begins. A virtual blue stage curtain stretching the entire length of the graduation tower heralds the event to the sound of burlesque music. Being a projection art event, the welcoming and opening speeches will also be transmitted digitally to the projection surface on the north side of the New Graduation Tower.

lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale: 23 October 2020 – 21 February 2021

18.00 – Arrival in Bad Rothenfelde, at the north side of the New Graduation Tower: after a day of rain, the clouds part and the sun shines through, spreading an apocalyptic light across the spa town, which has prepared itself for the grand opening of the lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale.

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